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Grilled Vanilla Cake

@labelessnutrition at Sidekick Bakery

Vincent Griffith, Corporate Chef – Catalogue
Sidekick Bakery, Arlington, VA
Krusteaz Professional x @labelessnutrition

You know anywhere that serves a fancy “Frostee + Fries” croissant is going to be fun.

Sidekick Bakery takes the art of serving favorites-with-a twist to the next level. Go behind the scenes with @labelessnutrition to learn how Chef Vincent Griffith uses Krusteaz Professional Ready to Bake Batters as a blank canvas for totally cravable creations.

“I’m able to put so many spins and culinary innovations on [Ready to Bake Batter] because it lends itself to doing whatever you want. I don’t have to worry about consistency … or measurements and scaling.”

“One of our favorites was the vanilla cake batter. We chose to grill it and pack on classic toppings including caramel, white chocolate, fresh fruit and whipped cream.”

Featuring: Krusteaz Pro Ready to Bake Sweet Cream Vanilla Cake•Muffin Batter