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Krusteaz Professional Best Practices Guide
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Best Practices Guide

The success of your baked goods program is won in the details. You’re in the right place to dive deeper!
We’ve compiled a collection of proven tips – and surprising tricks – to help you achieve consistently irresistible results every time. Browse our profitable new menu ideas too.

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About the Guide

Download our Best Practices Guide for proven ways to achieve perfection with every cake, muffin, brownie, pancake, and waffle – no matter who’s on staff.

  • Cakes with impressive height
  • Muffins with great rounded crowns
  • Brownies with a perfect paper top
  • Light and fluffy pancakes and waffles

Inspiration in every bite

Backed by 90+ years of baking expertise, Krusteaz Professional® griddle and baking mixes have become a trusted staple in restaurant kitchens across the U.S.

We offer a variety of great tasting, fun, and creative solutions for decadent desserts, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and more. Our products are all made with high quality ingredients that are simple to use, save your time and labor, and produce consistent results that are as close to scratch as you can get with a mix.